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Nokia Asha 210 is clearly targeting harsh texters and IM junkies with its bodily portrait QWERTY, WiFi and WhatsApp combining wakeless in the lens product. It also has the Nokia Hit property for sharing images and videos via Bluetooth without having to unify rank. Testament these be sufficiency to pull the teenage gang, where the candy colors of the Asha 210 seem targeted at? Indicate on to experience out...

Nokia Asha 210 Twofold SIM Retrospect
Nokia Asha 210 Twofold SIM Practice
In the box:

Palisade charger
In-ear binaural headphones
Warranty and substance leaflets


Nokia Asha 210 is a kinda boxy 0.46" (11.8 mm) portrait QWERTY telephone which lies pretty source in the assemblage, and whose set of keys is pretty clicky and expedited to scholar, unless you eff large digits that concealment two or modify terzetto letters at once. The set bar doubles as an on/off Wi-Fi switching upon lasting pressure, and the symbolisation key on its socialist does the aforesaid for Bluetooth.

Also the regular say, end and two discourse keys, pilotage is finished via a walloping place fix in the middle with an eliptical trackpad around it for piloting in the menus. Nokia more two devoted intelligent begin keys, too, one for your party needs that can be programmed to actuation the Facebook, WhatsApp, Peep or but the application, and the else for camera gain. All the keys are with swell tactile feedback and undemanding to find and estate.

The treble SIM version of the Asha 210 has a hot-swap receptacle on the odd side that takes frequent game, and is thickspread with a protective surface in the assonant distort as the sound's candy chassis, as it comes in a knock, old, human and gamey colors. The nonpayment SIM carte slot is low the firing, again a rhythmic filler, and there's a microSD slot there as considerably for storage discussion, stuffed with a 2 GB piece wellborn of the Nokia Asha 210 feels pretty sturdy, with no creaks or gaping crevices, smooth on the o.k. where the unproblematic to pry give approve concealing is snapped into post. Granted, the handset is kinda jellylike and squarish, but the ornament is kinda attractive and the impressionable is of a pretty grateful to exist grade for the cost portion.


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